Yoga is for every - body

Updated: Apr 5

I often notice that people have a prejudice about yoga. Some examples are; You can only do yoga if you are flexible, if you are young, if you are easily quiet or calm, if you are sporty, if your are slim. These prejudices ensure that people might miss a very nice opportunity to become more self-conscious through yoga.

Recently I got to know Yogi Jessamyn Stanley on Instagram. Jessamyn wants to demonstrate to the whole world that yoga is for everyone, regardless of your age, weight or background. The lady describes herself on Instagram and herwebsite as a yoga lover and body positive advocate. Jessamyn teaches vinyasa flow yogalessons with a lot of energy to break through mental and emotional blocks. In her classes Jessamyn motivates her students to think about how they feel instead of what they look like. Jessamyn is concerned about special yoga studios for the elderly or fuller people, for example.

"Yoga is not about how you looks like, so there shouldn't be any reason to split people up at all ”

In addition to yoga classes, Jessamyn also organizes a positive body camp in America in which she inspires people to love their bodies.Hopefully inspirational yogis like Jessamyn will continue to come and we can do it together enjoy yoga with everyone, without prejudice. Read and see more information about Jessamyn:


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