"That endless summer feeling..."

Who doesn't want summer forever? At least I want that..my toes in the sand, a blue sky, that fresh air in the early mornings. Sunkissed skin and most importantly tons of energy because of all the vitamin D.

A few years ago I was teaching yoga at a summer surf camp at the french coast. It was amazing to just live on the beach. Other experiences such as a yoga holiday in Goa, India als made me realise the beach and yoga is my perfect combination. If you also are a beach and yoga lover and summer makes you feel alive more than anything. Try to enjoy your moments that much that they become short time memories, that at any moment, for example on a rainy day you can imagine yourself at your favourite summer spot and just enjoy that moment. Maybe in a meditative way, maybe just by dreaming about it, or planning some nice summer activities. It ensures that this nice summer feeling stays with you longer. I am planning to organize a few yoga classes at the beach this summer. So stay tuned if you are interested:) ......Have a lovely summer yogi's.




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