"Never skip Savasana..."

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, even if it was just one in your life then you will have heard about Savasana, the final relaxation pose.

It’s the one pose that you should never skip… I tell you why, and I also tell you how I tried to skip it last week. Even though I should now better, since I am a yoga teacher for more than five years now. But last week while doing my Mysore ashtanga practice in a yoga studio near by my house, my monkey mind started telling my things I still needed to finish. Which also off course isn't the way to practice yoga. But sometimes still happens to me. I also took a look at my watch and I got totally confused with the time. I felt super stressed because I thought I only had some minutes left before I was suppose to be at a meeting. I told my ashtanga teacher I had to leave, that I was in a hurry. Since, ashtanga Mysore is a solo practice with a teacher in the Shala to help you if needed, I could just leave. Planning to do so, my teacher told me to never skip Savasana and that I at least should take a Savasana of 5 minutes.

I tried to argue with it but soon found out this was useless. I took a Savasana for 3 minutes and then escaped out of the room.......

When being out on the street I noticed I was wrong in remembering the time. And I did still actually had one hour left before my meeting started. I immediately despite trying to get out of my 3 minute Savasana (which is definitely not enough by the way).

How to practise Savasana

We are bringing the body into a neutral position and we completely relax into the ground. The feet are a little wider than hip distance and flop out to the sides, the palms are facing up towards the ceiling. The back is in a neutral position and we simply become really heavy, close our eyes and let go of any tension. It’s recommended that you practise 5 minutes of Savasana for every 30 minutes of yoga asana practice.

Why should I lie down and do nothing – I can do that at home!

Well, do you actually do that at home? Probably not! Savasana is part of the yoga practice and it helps the body to completely absorb what it has learned in the previous hour or hour and a half.

Savasana makes sure, that the body enters the relaxation mode. It helps to sleep better at night. The body needs those few minutes to wind down completely.

Even my youngest yogis who where 15 years old know that Savasana is necessary and enjoyable! It might take them a while until they stop wiggling around but once they do they love it!

Savasana is not an easy pose!

Once you start lying down in stillness you might find it really challenging. Especially if you’re not used to it. you might start thinking about all sorts of things.

“What shall we have for dinner?”

“How long do we have to be here?”

“My nose is itching!”

“I’m hungry!”

All these things! I know it because I’ve been there and it still happens to me occasionally!

When, however, you manage to be completely in the moment and symbolically “die” for 5-15 minutes after a strong yoga class then you will experience the true benefits of Savasana. It’s blissful, it’s relaxing and restoring and you might just find that it kickstarts your body with a whole new level of energy.

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