A full moon, the first of October, new beginnings…

Today it is exactly 3 weeks ago when I left my home country, The Netherlands. To come live in Spain. These first weeks has been amazing, horrifying, surprising, uprising, sunny and difficult all at the same time. I have travelled a lot before, and been away from home so many times I cannot even count. Also, for longer periods. But somehow, this time its different. I think it has to do with the COVID situation all over the world. With not knowing when my family and friend are going to be able to visit me here in Spain. And because this time, it feels like really moving or migrating to another country. But I’m not even sure how long I am going to stay here, but maybe in me subconsciousness I know this is that step. That life-changing thing. I don’t know, I felt like I worried a lot about the future the last weeks. But today, or actually last night. I decided to take everything day by day. And to start from here, from now. And see what happens. And whatever happens, happens. And today I feel good, I feel grounded. And how ironic is it, that today it is the full moon, it is the first of October, and today was actually my new beginning. As I was supposed to fly today to Spain, but I decided to take it forwards because I didn’t want to be in a difficult “not being able to travel “situation because of COVID. And I think I made the right decision.

Everything happens for a reason

The last few days I am totally fully aware about the fact that everything happens for a reason. For example, last month I decided not to buy stuff I don’t need and become a kind of minimalist. And yesterday I bought unnecessary stuff like a full moon lamp. My full moon lamp already stopped working. And that made me realize; “Right, I shouldn’t have bought this thing”. So right now, I try again, being a minimalist. Maybe this time it works.

Because today I decided, that not the day when I took my flight to Spain 3 weeks ago, but that today, is my new beginning. My new beginning consists of living in Spain, working on starting my yoga business here, my online classes. And try to figure out if this is really home, if I feel more stable in this way of living. Since I have been struggling finding myself, finding home, loving myself and all that for the last years. And I am ready to put everything out and open in the world right now. Because here I am, willing to be me, all that I am. And all that I am comes with lots of things, feelings, problems but overall a lot of happiness as well.

The Full moon – What does this full moon mean for you?

So I took a dive into astrology and full moons. And I found out today. That the full moon is the time of completion and illuminating what stands in the way, the wanting phase gives us the opportunity for release and letting go.

This full moon is in Aries so the energy is very fiery. It is bringing a powerhouse of dynamic energy calling you into your own needs, power and sense of self – it’s time to shine.

This October 2020 we have two full moons. On the 1stof October (today) and the 31stof October.

October is bringing such an energy of change. Much needed change. Not only are we really feeling the shift into autumn it also is urging us into some deep healing, shifts and changes.

Under this full moon you can gain huge clarity on emotions, beliefs, relationships, identities and everything else that you need to let go of.

As the first sign of the zodiac and being a cardinal sign ,Aries is a beginner, a leader, and will help you to lead your own life.

What am I going to do with all of this information?

I decided to set my new beginning for today before looking into the astrology and meanings of this full moon. As a spiritual person this gives a lot of meaning to my life. And somehow maybe for the first time since I am here in Spain, I feel that ease, I feel relaxed. I am not in a hurry. I am not in a hurry to do as much work as I can, while sunbathing as much as I can. (Since I suffered from winter depression, I always think I need to catch every sunray there is, to stay happy). No, right now I am okay, I am here, and this is all I am. I am powerful. I am going to start my dreamlife.

What are you going to do? With this magical month of change

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Also I am planning to organize a healing, meditation and yoga all in one workshop right now. As it turns out to be the right time. In this life changing month of October. Keep following me for more information soon.

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