Do you love yourself enough?

Personnally I struggle with self love already for a long time. Since I have been a teenager. And some situations in my life made the amount of self love lesser and sometimes it grew. It is a wave that goes through my life. Self-love is important. I believe that without self-love you cannot be your authentic self.

“As I began to love myself, I recognized that my mind can disturb me, and it can make me sick, but as I connected it to my heart my mind became a valuable ally. Today I call this connection, wisdom of the heart”

There have been quite a few trips in my past connected to yoga, meditation and volunteer projects with my personal goal to love my self more. A kind of soul searching thing. The thing that helped me toe most is that I got to knew myself much better through all these things that I did with the aim of growing my self-love. Because I now know myself better, I am less likely to judge myself and as a result there is more room for self-love. Maybe look at what you can do for yourself as a project to get to know yourself better, so that space can be created. To love yourself.


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