A Yoga travel journey

Updated: May 22

Yoga and Travel, its seems like these two form a couple a lot. Let me tell you a bit about my own yoga and travel experiences. I start off with a quote from my favourite writer:

“ If you think travel is dangerous, try routine...it's lethal" - Paulo Coelho

I know my life is not build for routine. I want to live a free life, i consider myself reasonable spiritual and I hate the consumer society we live in. Also I hate money talking and working your ass of without enjoying life, and knowing the true meaning of life and see the absolute beauty of it.

Yoga makes you take life slow down and travelling sometimes makes sure you can see things in another perspective. During my travels trough India, Uruguay and Colombia and volunteered in Yoga projects. I got to experience teaching yoga in shelters for the homeless and addicts. Care homes with abandoned elderly and sexually abused woman.

After all the yoga classes at the different locations during these travels, I always noticed a lot of gratitude from the people, the women, the elderly. I also honestly saw that they had come a little closer to themselves. And on a regular basis this can lead to more and more love, especially self-love, and happiness. Something these people really need just someone who look them in the eyes and even if it is just for five minutes, not to let them feel alone. Relaxation, love and vitality are important pillars for a happy life. And a happy life is exactly the goal of yoga. My experiences with this project have only increased more and more my passion and ambition to teach yoga to people in society who are having a bit more difficulties in their life. Through Yoga vida you will soon see more projects I will start connected to this...

Namasté, Christa


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